Exchanging Business Cards the Korean Way

If you ever practice international business, there is a pretty good chance that you may eventually end up dealing with representatives from South Korea. There are many businesses run by Koreans or Korean immigrants who are eager to connect with businesses in the Northwest. It therefore pays to know the etiquette that goes with business cards in South Korea. Should you ever be engaging in business with representatives from Korean businesses at our Seattle Korean restaurant in University District, remember the following tips:

Firstly, keep in mind that business cards are quite important in a business relationship. The way you treat somebody’s card can be seen as indicative of the way you will treat him or her. Accept business cards and hold them with care, and never write on a business card in the presence of the other individual.

You will likely exchange your cards upon making your initial introductions. Offer your own business card with both hands. If you have printed your card with a Korean translation, put the Korean side up. When you receive the other person’s card, give it a thorough look to show your interest. This way, you can improve your chances of success in dealing with the Korean business.